Antiviral Phone Pouches

Here’s a nifty way for you to safely store your phone & accessories, in one place, away from unwelcome germs. Get our Antiviral Phone Pouches powered by the protection of HeiQ Viroblock that destroys enveloped microbes like the SARS-CoV-2 with 99.99% effectiveness*.

*Based on tests conducted by HeiQ

Antiviral Phone Pouches: Keeping Your Smartphones Safe

The easiest way to store your phone and accessories safely in one place is here. Check out antiviral phone pouches by I Dote, designed to simplify your everyday life and to help you stay safe while you’re on the go. Available in classic colours like Phantom Black and Ash Grey, all our phone pouches are 99.99% effective against the SARS-CoV-2.* An absolute must during the COVID 19 times, these pouches come with a sturdy flap and pockets to store your phone in while it is put on charging. The two pockets offer ample storage space so you can keep your cards or keys easily accessible and safe too. 

If you’re looking for phone pouches online, get your hands on these HeiQ Viroblock treated phone covers. This is a sure shot way of keeping your smartphones safe from common viruses and bacteria. 

Benefits of Phone Pouches

I Dote offers a smart and sturdy range of phone pouches online. Designed to match your pace and to keep you safe, these antiviral phone pouches are indispensable as they help to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. It is also difficult to carry your phone in your hand when you’re busy with work as it can fall. To avoid such mishaps, it is highly recommended that you carry your mobile phone in a phone pouch. What’s more, you can use the pouch to store cards, notes, keys, any important piece of paper or other such knick-knacks.

Get yourself a trendy and durable phone pouch from I Dote and we promise you’ll love the experience. Enjoy a hassle-free life with your mobile accessories and other essentials all sorted in the phone pouch while you’re out for work or leisure.

Buy Phone Pouches Online

No matter where you are heading to, a mobile pouch always comes handy. It not only stores your phone safely but also helps you keep your knick-knacks organized. If you’re looking to buy phone pouches online, here we are with a range of antiviral phone pouches that will go a long way in protecting you COVID-19. Shop for I Dote phone pouches online and get 99.99% effective protection against the SARS-CoV-2* and keep yourself safe during this pandemic. Our phone pouches are designed for formal as well as casual outings and have a sturdy flap which helps hold your phone safely while charging. The two pockets given in the pouch come handy to store any other small accessories you may be carrying with you.

Buy these stylish and germ-resistant phone pouches online on or gift them to someone you care for. 

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