Antiviral Handbags

The handbag just got a massive makeover! Presenting our all-canvas Antiviral Handbags that aren’t just cool & classy, but also sturdy & safe. They’re treated with HeiQ Viroblock that destroys enveloped microbes  like the SARS-CoV-2 with 99.99% effectiveness.*

*Based on tests conducted by HeiQ

Explore Latest Collection of Antiviral Handbags Online

No matter where you’re heading to, a handbag is truly a woman’s best friend! At I Dote, we have the most stylish yet functional handbags that are a must in the new normal times. The latest antiviral handbags collection is a must in your wardrobe not only for its antiviral properties but also for the range of designs we have on offer. If you’re looking for handbags online in India, your search ends here. I Dote’s all-canvas Antiviral Handbags aren’t just cool & classy, but also sturdy and safe. These handbags are trendy, durable and designed in a way to keep you safe as they have been tested to be 99.99% effective against viruses.

Our antiviral handbags collection offers a range of designs and colours to choose from. These tote bags are great for daily use and make for great gifts for loved ones too. Show your loved ones you care by getting them an antiviral handbag from I Dote.

Exclusive Handbags for College Girl

Looking for handbags for college, work, shopping trips or holidaying? We’ve got you covered. We offer exclusive handbags for college girls, available in colours like blue, black, ash grey, green, white and more. We have tote bags that are great if you’re planning to go shopping with friends, as they are stylish and have enough capacity for the same. We also have sturdy bags with a broad flat bottom, which can be used to carry books, laptops, iPads and other knick-knacks to college. Quirky patterns like a newspaper print, ‘Be Indian’ slogan print and floral designs make these handbags extremely popular among college girls. Enjoy a smooth shopping experience as you explore this range of handbags online.

Antiviral Handbags: Importance and Speciality

With the new normal in place everywhere in the world, it is important to stay safe as we step out for work and pleasure. I Dote’s antiviral handbags are stylish yet functional and keep you protected all day long. Handbags tend to get dirty and may be exposed to germs and bacteria all the time as they are carried everywhere, placed on tables or on floors, kept on car seats and used to store anything and everything that you might have with you on the go. These all-canvas antiviral handbags provide resistance against common viruses and bacteria, which will in turn keep you safe in today’s times and always. Thus, it is essential to have them in your wardrobe.

I Dote’s antiviral bags aren’t just classy and cool but also sturdy and safe. They come with multiple pockets so you can store different items safely.

Totes Bags

Make a statement as you sport one of the very stylish tote bags, available on You will truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a handbag from our latest collection, with options in various colours and designs. No matter which outfit you’re wearing, we have something to suit every look. Made of premium quality canvas fabric with antiviral properties, these handbags are sure to keep you safe from various common infections.

The spacious tote bags from I Dote have many pockets to help you store all your belongings safely. While your laptop, iPad, phone, notebooks, water bottle and more can be stored in the main pocket, the smaller pockets can be used for masks, sanitizers, wallets, pens, phone and other such accessories that you would need in your day-to-day life.

Messenger Bags

Choose from a wide range of antiviral messenger bags for your workplace and pick one to suit your taste. Available in colours like Ash Grey, Phantom Black and more, these bags are multi-purpose with multiple handles to help you carry them with ease. The handles are adjustable and you can carry the bag on one shoulder or across the body. Messenger bags are equally popular among college students as well as working men and women. Our stylish messenger bags are made of excellent quality canvas, which makes them durable for rough use as well. The fabric is treated with HeiQ’s Swiss Technology, making it resistant to most common viruses.

Order a messenger bag online for use daily as you step out to go to college or use these antiviral handbags as laptop bags in the office during the new normal times.

Multi-Utility Bags

Planning to buy new bags online? We have many multi-utility bags to choose from and you can pick a design you like to serve any purpose. From handbags for college girls to tote bags for day-to-day needs, messenger bags for office, shoulder bags and more, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to buy handbags online in India, you’ve landed at the right place. We offer stylish and highly functional handbags that are a must in today’s times.

I Dote multi-utility antiviral bags offer 99.99% effective protection against the SARS-CoV-2.* The 100% Canvas ensures low wear and tear and high durability. The wide straps on this all-canvas handbag offer excellent support, enabling it to perch lightly on your shoulders and offering a good grip if you prefer holding the bag in your hands. With its multiple pockets, you can quickly toss in your essentials and get going.

Fringe Bags

Offering a contemporary range of fringe bags, I Dote is your go-to store if you’re looking to buy handbags online for yourself or for gifting. Made of durable canvas fabric, these bags are classic additions to your wardrobe. The wide straps on this sturdy handbag offer support as you can carry it on your shoulder or can hold in your hands comfortably.

The I Dote all-canvas fringe bags are treated with HeiQ Viroblock and they exhibit antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-odour properties. Machine washable, these bags are resistant to common viruses and bacteria, thus contributing in curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus. This bag is extremely useful especially during the new normal times as you can protect all essentials like phones, wallets and more in the many pockets provided. These stylish fringe bags are also great gift options for loved ones, courtesy their antiviral properties.

Shoulder Bags

Easy to carry and chic, the I Dote shoulder bags offer the perfect amalgamation of functionality and style. The ideal choice for shopping trips and weekend getaways, these spacious bags can carry all that you would need access to on the go. With the wide range of shoulder bags available on, you’re sure to find something to pair all of your favourite dresses with. The best part? These shoulder bags are made of canvas fabric treated with HeiQ Viroblock Swiss Technology that is 99.99% effective against viruses.

These durable hand bags are as good as new after being used a number of times and are easily machine washable at home. The wide straps attached to the bag make it very handy as you can easily hang it on one shoulder or can carry it across the body.

Made in India

I Dote supports the vocal for local movement and in an endeavour to do the same, our handbags have been crafted with love and care in India. Made in India, these classy antiviral bags are sturdy and safe, and can be used for multiple purposes by men and women. The handbag is made of fabric that offers 99.99% effective protection against the SARS-CoV-2.*

We are proud of the Indian roots of our brand and have launched the Antiviral Made In india Black Handbag for your day-to-day needs. Swing it on your shoulder or just grab it in your hands as you head out with this cool bag, sturdy enough to carry all your important belongings and for rough use for days and days together.

Buy Handbags Online in India

Handbags are not just useful accessories in which you can carry all essentials while you’re on the go, but they also complement your look. I Dote offers a stylish, contemporary and affordable range of handbags online in India. You can browse the entire collection of these antiviral handbags from the comfort of your home and we’ll be happy to deliver your favourites to your doorstep.

Designed with utmost care and thought, while ensuring the latest trends are kept in mind, these handbags are great for daily use, travel, office and even for carrying to college. The multiple pockets have been given to help you store big and small items. While the main pocket can be used for laptops, books, papers, water bottles, stoles, tissues et al, the smaller pockets come handy for storing mobile phones, sanitizers, masks, wallet and other such essentials.

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