Antiviral Multiuse Qamash

Get more than 99% effective, on-the-go coverage from germs with our Antiviral Multiuse Qamash. Made from Liva fabric with the added protection of antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose, use these versatile products the way you want to - as a cloak, a seat cover or a sheet!

Antiviral Cloak

Step out with I Dote and you won’t have to worry a day in your life! Presenting the I Dote antiviral Qamash, which can be used as a shawl, seat cover, sheet, cloak or whatever else you like. One of the most sought after products during the coronavirus pandemic, these cloaks offer more than 99% protection against the SARS-CoV-2 Virus. Made of 100% Liva Fabric for high breathability and incomparable comfort, the Qamash is your first step towards getting back to a normal life as you can step out without a worry.

The next time you ask yourself a question about travelling via public transport or in an Uber/Ola, you know you’re safe with I Dote’s antiviral cloaks. Travel hassle-free and safely as you wrap the cloak around yourself or place it on the seat before you sit. Visit your favourite restaurant or go shopping with the antiviral cloak protecting you from common viruses and bacteria.

Benefits and Multi Utility Features of this Qamash

Take a walk, go shopping, hire a cab or plan a picnic with your friends – the antiviral multi-use Qamash is there to protect you always. Wrap yourself in safety and style with the innovative and chic Qamash, made of Liva, a very soft, breathable and nature-based viscose fabric. The best part about this fabric is that it offers the added protection of antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose.

Wrap it around your shoulders while travelling, place it on the car seat while in a cab, put it around your chair when you go to office, don it as a shawl or stole or use it as a sheet when you go on a picnic – there are countless ways in which you can use this antiviral multi-use cloak. Subtle additions like velcro, buttons, metal rivets and a clip provided along the surface of the Qamash come handy in using it for different purposes.

Buy Cloak Online for Safe and Multi Purpose Usage

Stay safe with the stylish and novel multi-use cloaks by I Dote. They are made from Liva fabric, which offers the protection of antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose, meant to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi on textiles with more than 99% effectiveness.* These cloaks are reusable, do not need sanitization and can be easily machine washed at home.

Designed with utmost thought, the antiviral Qamash is a truly versatile product and can be used in whatever way you like – as a shawl, stole, car set cover, sheet or cloak. Available in Royal Blue, Steel Grey and Charcoal Black, you can buy the multi-purpose cloak online at the best price on and get it delivered to your doorstep. We follow strict protocols to curb the spread of COVID-19 at I Dote and will ensure your product reaches you safely at the earliest.

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