How Antiviral Face Masks Protect Us from Unwanted Viruses & Bacteria

How Antiviral Face Masks Protect Us from Unwanted Viruses & Bacteria - I Dote

As we are amid a pandemic, it becomes extremely important for everyone to take precautions – the most important ones are wearing a mask and washing or sanitizing our hands as frequently as possible. With time, the medical community and top research institutes are also able to share more information regarding the preventive measures for the novel coronavirus. Following all protocols as set by the Government are essential in keeping ourselves and everyone around us safe and secure. Wearing a mask has been the most important step in this direction. It not only protects us from unwanted viruses and bacteria but also prevents the spread of such infections to others around us.  

Take a breather from germs as you get yourself an antiviral face mask. The antiviral mask from I Dote is treated with the award-winning HeiQ Viroblock Swiss technology that destroys enveloped microbes like the SARS-CoV-2 with 99.99% effectiveness.* You can step out without a worry as you wear the antiviral mask, which has adjustable earloops for utmost comfort. What’s more, the mask comes with an antiviral face mask pouch for you to store it safely when not in use. 

Now, how does the mask protect you from unwanted viruses and bacteria? The I Dote antiviral face mask offers three layers of protection: the first printed Cotton Satin layer has antiviral and hydrophobic (water repellent) properties, the second woven Compact Cotton layer is aloe vera treated, PH neutral and hydrophilic (sweat-absorbent) and the innermost layer is made of 100% Cotton for high breathability and exceptional comfort. These masks have also been dermatologically treated to be skin-friendly. The 3-layer protection is just what you need to get going during these tough times. It helps you stay protected from the common viruses and bacteria as you get back to your normal routine during COVID-19.

Stepping out with a mask on ensures that one doesn’t spread the virus to others as well in case he/she is asymptomatic. As the virus spreads through respiratory drops, the mask acts as a kind of a barrier safeguarding both parties in case of interaction. It is without a doubt that wearing face masks is one of the most effective (and simple) ways of stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus. This should, of course, be accompanied by regular sanitization processes, strict social distancing measures, and frequent hand washes. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is how one should wear a mask. Wearing the mask under the nose or covering less than half the face is of no use. These three simple steps will come in handy here:

- Place the mask over your face, ensuring your face is covered from the bridge of the nose to the chin. 

- Adjust the mask in a way that it covers your nose, mouth, and chin to be able to protect you from getting infected. 

- The I Dote antiviral face mask has adjustable earloops for great comfort and ergonomics. Use the loops to adjust the mask and to get the perfect fit for a long day.

Buying face masks online is the safest way to get your hands on this COVID essential. You can browse through our website and order the mask from the comfort of your home. We offer a hassle-free shopping experience and secure online payment gateway options to help you complete the transaction. Once you place the order, you can sit back, relax and wait for the contactless delivery of your antiviral accessories from I Dote.

If you’re looking to buy a face mask online, this stylish yet functional accessory is sure to be the ideal choice. We have the masks available in a wide range of colors like forest green, blue, crimson, yellow, and coral, among others. As you explore the many colors and designs of masks on, you can also check out the heritage blue antiviral mask which can be customized. A customized mask makes for a wonderful gift option for loved ones. A personalized gift and a very thoughtful present, your loved ones are sure to appreciate it.

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