Do You Know about the Changing Fashion Trends? Here are Some

Do You Know about the Changing Fashion Trends? Here are Some

Change is the only constant with COVID-19 hitting the world, like how we have been looking for newer ways to combat it since last year. The battle against COVID-19 began with the lockdown, but things started opening up gradually. We are now getting back to our regular routines as there is a better understanding of how the virus spreads and it's preventions. However, this time the performance was a little different, with preventive measures in place. The way we looked at life, the way we did things, and how we conducted ourselves daily have now changed.

COVID-19 came as a crisis, but we emerged out of it much more substantial. We're all working tirelessly to bring back the economy to where it was, and in the process, many new ways of life have been discovered. There is a new regular dictionary that we've learnt by heart. There are new rules, new ways of living, and new ways of dealing with uncertainties without compromising our happiness.

Along with all the other things that have changed, fashion trends have taken a different turn too. The changing fashion trends are ideal for the new everyday world that we are a part of this world. The world is now going back to the basics. It is moving more towards apparel that integrates fashion and functionality. Protective wear is the need of the hour, and the fashion industry has reinvented the way we look at our wardrobes now. The buying trends have changed, leading to a significant shift in the fashion trends. The pandemic has led to many sustainable fashion initiatives, fabric innovation techniques, and the launch of made-to-last products.

Top Trending Fashion Trends You Must Be Aware Of 

1. Daily Protective Wear

The mask has become our shield, and stepping out with it is almost like a sin. Masks play a vital role in keeping us and others around us safe during the pandemic. Some years ago, we couldn't even imagine that we would have to wear antiviral face masks every single time we step out. This is an integral part of our lives now. Everyone knows that wearing a mask is the most effective way to curb the novel coronavirus's spread.

I Dote most diverse collection of antiviral masks. These masks are very breathable and come with adjustable straps for great comfort. You can explore the wide range of designs and shop for these masks online at

2. New Perspectives and Staying at Home

The fashion industry saw an increase in demand for comfortable clothes in the last few months. People are now looking for clothes that could be easily worn and washed at home. An upward trend has been noticed regarding comfort wear, loungewear, and breathable Cotton dresses. Most offices now have work-from-home policies, reducing the demand for formal wear to a great extent. People also prefer outfits that can be doubled up as home wear and workwear.

3. Functional Wear and Antiviral Accessories

Anything which makes life simpler is now in fashion. We have all secretly wished for clothes that could protect us from viruses and infections. As the wish became a necessity, brands like I Dote stepped up and brought to us a range of antiviral apparel and accessories. I Dote products are treated with HeiQ Viroblock Swiss technology. The technology destroys viruses and bacteria with 99.9% effectiveness within minutes of contact. The brand has antiviral face masks, phone covers, handbags, pullback gloves, scarves, and cloaks.

4. Home-grown and Sustainable

This is yet another emerging trend in the fashion industry. Consumers are now choosing home-grown brands over international brands and are looking to support small businesses that the pandemic has the worst hit. Most importantly, they are more aware and make a conscious effort to opt for sustainable and environment-friendly clothing.

Have you upgraded your wardrobe to suit the new normal yet? The time is now!

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