An Overview of the 7 Most Important Fashion Accessories

An Overview of the 7 Most Important Fashion Accessories - I Dote

Unprecedented times call for innovations that make our lives easier. Newer ways of living have emerged to ensure safety for everyone during the pandemic. We are now getting used to the new normal world and its ways. For instance, antiviral face masks offer an extra layer of protection. Reusable gloves are designed to help you avoid direct contact with surfaces. Similarly, many new antiviral fashion accessories have now been launched in the market. These accessories keep you safe while being fashionable at the same time.

Let’s read about 7 important fashion accessories in today’s times below:

Antiviral Face Masks

Masks are indispensable during the pandemic. They are face coverings that prevent the spread of the virus, thus keeping you protected. With the advancement in technology, I Dote has launched a brand new range of antiviral face masks that destroy the COVID-19 virus with 99.9% effectiveness. 

In case you come in contact with an infected person, an antiviral face mask reduces the risk of transmission to a great extent. Recommended for people of all ages, this 3-layered mask kills the virus within minutes of contact.

Antiviral Qamash

The multi-use Qamash or cloak by I Dote is made of Liva fabric. It offers the added protection of antimicrobial fibers by Birla Cellulose. It is treated with the award-winning HeiQ Viroblock Swiss technology. One of the most versatile additions to your wardrobe, the  Qamash can be used as a cloak, car seat cover, shawl, or sheet – the possibilities are endless. Wearing a Qamash is the first step towards leading a normal life after the outbreak of the pandemic.

Smart Scarf

Crafted out of the super-soft Brushed Cotton fabric, the Smart Scarf serves a dual purpose. It protects you from the cold weather and the in-built mask keeps you safe from viruses and bacteria. The antiviral mask portion, made of Liva fabric, goes over the face and can be adjusted using the elastic ear loops provided. The pattern and fringing on the scarf make you look trendy and the mask portion keeps you away from germs.

The cherry on the cake? You can insert the anti-pollution PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters in the mask portion of the scarf. A winter essential, this fashion accessory is a great gift idea too.

Antiviral Snood

The antiviral snood is designed to make your life easy and is a smart addition to your winter wardrobe. You no longer have to worry about carrying an extra mask every time you step out. Simply slide the snood over your head and wear it around your neck with ease no matter where you are. You can pull up the front of the snood to the bridge of your nose and there you are! The in-built mask with anti-pollution filters is at work already.

Made of Liva fabric too, the antiviral snood is available in three colors. It offers the goodness of two products in one and is your perfect companion for outdoor activities.

Pullback Gloves

Pure Cotton pullback gloves are soft on the skin. The antiviral layer on these gloves makes them ideal for use during the pandemic. It offers 99.99% effective protection against the COVID-19 virus and has a yoyo attachment for easy suspension and automatic pull back. It is extremely user-friendly and you can slide your hand in without worry. Hang it to your bag, use it to open doors, press elevator buttons, and hold any object. After use, it pulls back automatically in a smooth motion.

Phone Pouches

The new phone pouches are powered by the protection of HeiQ Viroblock technology. Thus, it destroys the SARS-CoV-2 Virus with 99.9% effectiveness. You can now store your phone and other accessories safely, away from germs and viruses. The many pockets of the pouch enable you to carry keys, cash, cards, and earphones in a hassle-free manner. The front flap allows you to securely place your phone in the pocket while charging. Fashionable and practical, this phone pouch is much loved by millennials.

The antiviral phone sleeve is another sleek and stylish phone accessory you can easily carry on the go. The two pockets are ideal to store your phone, credit cards, and IDs safely.

Latest Antiviral Utility Bags and Tote Bags

I Dote’s range of handbags is antiviral too, ensuring you don’t carry the virus to your home if you happen to place the bag on a contaminated surface. Every time you step, go to the office, college or a restaurant, chances of you placing your handbag on random surfaces are high. When you bring the bag home, you can unknowingly bring the virus too. As a result, the chances of you and your family members getting infected increase.

The antiviral technology of the I Dote handbags destroys viruses and bacteria within minutes of contact. They boast multiple pockets and wide straps and are available in a range of designs.

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